Prject Dragonfly, boruak ih kahnak hmanrua hman tan a si thu NUG in mipi pawl a theih ter 

Ralhrang uico pawl in Jet Fighter hmangin mipi an kah theu ruang ah, an mah ralhrang uico pawl rak kah nak ah tiin Project Dragonfly, boruak ih kahnak hmanraw cikhat hman a si zo thu August 9,ah khan NUG, Defence Minister cun a thusuahah a tar lang.

Project Dragonfly, project ih sin pawisa hmuh mi hi do awk nak ih hman hman ding a si rualin hmanraw thenkhat te hman a si zo thu an thusuahah an tar lang bet.

Hi boruaka kahnak hmanrua hi ziang vek ha a si ti mi cu NUG cun tar lan a nei rih lo. Hi Project hma a sawn theih nak ding ih sum leh pai thawhtu mipi pawl le, mi thiam le Artist pawl za ten hnenah NUG feh tlangin Defence Minister cun lungawi thu a sim ih, ralthuam vivo theinak le a si dan vekin  hnam theih a si thu khal a sim cih.Cp The Tahan Post


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