Kan chin Ram chung Matupi khua ah phone line hman khoh c ti lo!

2022 July 1 – Chin ramkulh, Matupi khua, June 15 thok in phone line a chia thluahmah i July 1 ahcun phone chawnh zong a ngah ti lo tiah theih a si.

June 30 zinglei tiang ahcun phone chawnh a ngah rih ko nain July 1 zinglei thok in phone chawng zong a ngah ti lo tiah theih a si.
Matupi khua ah MPT, Telenor le Oredoo a ngah i phone line a pathum ning tein a tlau i internal line phihpiak a sinak zong hi kum 1 deng a si cang tiah theih a si.

Credit: The Chinland Post

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