Shan Ram Kulh Kah Doh Nak Ralhrang Pawl Thli Ton Mi Cu Thawng Pang Tha Taktak Si

Shan ramkulh chaklei, Muse peng Lashio-Muse motor lam ah civil motor in a thli in a umkal mi council ralhraang pawl cu PDF tangti phu komh nih an kah hna i ralhraang 20 an thi, PDF lei 2 an thi ve tiah People Security And defence Army – Muse nih thawng an thanh.

May 4 zaanlei suimilaam 5:40 ah Lashio-Muse motor lampi chung ah LIB-214 le LIB-420 battalion hna cu private motor 5 in Muse lei an kir lio, Mawtaung khua le Talone khua kar, Namhpataan lamthen phanh lai ah Muse PSDA le PDF battalion 111 le 222 tangti phu nih an kah hna i ralhraang 20 an thi tiah kan theih.

Ralhraang lei a thi mi 20 le hliamhma tuar 4 an um. Kanmah lei in pahnih an thi i pathum hliamhma tuar an um” tiah PSDA chungtel pakhat nih Khit Thit Media ah a chim.





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