NUG Hruai Nak Cu KNPP Nih An Co Hlan Lo Nak An Lang Ter

NUG Ukhruainak Kan Cohlang Lo – KNPP: NUG nih Kaya(Karenni) ramṭhen chung ah ukhruainak bu a ser mi hi National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) nih a suai mi Federal biahren pahnihnak he aa kalh caah kan cohlang lo, tiah Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) nih April 26 ah cathanh an chuah.

KNPL nih cathanh an chuah mi ah cun KNPP Ministry Of Home Affairs Minister, Khaw Nge Yee (ခူးညေးရယ်) min telh chih a si.


KNPP cu NUG he ṭangrual an si i, NUCC zong ah an i tel ve. Federal Biahren a suaitu hriamtlai zong an si, tiah theih a si.


Crd: The Chin Post

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