Myaing PDF Pahnih Cu Ralhrang Kut Thih Nak In An Mah Le An Mah Bomb In An I Puah Upat Nak Sang Bik Kan In Pek Hna

Magwe ramthen, Myaing peng ah ralhrang phu nih nihin January 10 ah Myaing PDF cu ramlak ah an kawl hna lio ah ralhrang phu nih myaing PDF 2 cu an kulh hna i, ralhrang kut i thih nakcun bomb puah in, anmah le anmah nunnak an i la, tiah theih a si.

Ralhrang phu hna nih Myaing peng thlanglei ram lak kalnak lam ah ralhrang thazaang 50, nitlak lei ah ralhrang thazaang 100 hrawng, chaklei ah thazaang 80 hrawng tiin ralhrang hna nih Myaing PDF cu ramlak ah an kawl hna tiah theih a si. Cu bantuk in an kawl hna lio ah Myaing PDF ralkap 2 hna cu ralhrang nih an kulh hna caah bomb in anmah le mah nunnak an i laaknak hi a si.

Myiang PDF nunnak a liam mi hna pahnih cu rampi dawtu ‘pasalṭha’ ti in upatnak kan pek hna, tiah myaing PDF phu hna nih cathanh an chuah.

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