Sagaing Ramthen, Kani le Chaung-u Ah Ralhraang Pawl Cu KLG PDF Nih Bomb An Puah Hna

December 12, 2021,Sagaing ramthen, Kani peng ah nihin zing in hmunhma thianh ah a ra mi ralhraang le Pyo Saw Htee pawl cu December 12 zing suimilaam 10:30 ah Chiantharsuh khua pawng i KLG PDF nih hmanh mi bomb paruk nih a puah hnawh hna.

Ralhraang 20 nak tlawm lo an thi kho tiah KLG PDF nih an thanh. Myaung lei ah thazaang chap ding in thlah mi ralhraang motor cu Chaung-u PDF nih bomb pathum in an puah.

Ralhraang panga an thi motor zong a rawk dih i atu tiang lamkam ah motor cu an chiah ko tiah Chaung-u PDF nih an thanh. Ref. Khit Thit Media

Crd: The Hakha Post

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