Ral Hrang Pawl An Lu Lawng An I Kheuh Cang Lai Lung A Hmui Hih

Rampi ruahnak pe tu Daw Aung San Su Gyi, president U Win Myint telhin phungninglo tlaih a tongmi vialte thlahpiak dih ding in UN security council nih cathanh chuah in nawlnak a tuah.

UN security council chairman Abdou Abarry (Niger) nih rampi ruahnak pe tu Daw Aung San Su Gyi le president U Win Myint telhin midang cungah biakhiahnak tuahpiak mi cungah security council chungtel hna nih kan thin a phang tiah an chim, phungninglo in tlaihkhih a tongmi vialte cu a rannak in thlahpiak dih ding ah nawlnak an tuah hi a si.

February 1, thok in hramhram nawlngeihnak la tu ralhrang phu hna nih phungninglo in an tlaihmi vialte hna cu thlah piak dih ding le democracy ram a cannak ding le, hramhram riantuannak vialte ngol dih ding le Myanmar ram mipi hna caah thathnemnak a chuahter kho tu thiltha hna tuahding ah nawlnak a tuah.#Khit Thit Medi

Credit: The Chinland Post

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