Ralhrang Kut In CDF Mindat Mino Minung Pa Hnih An Nun Nak A Liam Than

Mindat-CDF in Mino 2 an Nunnak a Liam Than.July 23 le 24 ah a cangmi SAC ralhrang le Mindat-CDF karlak kahdohnak ah Mindat-CDF in mino pahnih nih ram le miphun ca ah an nunnak an pek tthan.July 23 kahdohnak ah mino pakhat a nunnak a liam i, nihin July 24 i kahnak a dang pakhat a liam tthan.

July 22 ah a cangmi Shwe Aung Tha khua pawng kahdohnak zong ah Mindat-CDF in kum 20 hrawng a simi tlangval pakhat nih ram le miphun ca ah an nunnak a pek.Nizaan le nihin ah a nunnak a liammi pahnih hi chungkhar nunhimnak ca ah min langhter an si lo.

SAC ralhrang nih uknak an lak hnu, Mindat-CDF le SAC ralhrang karlak kahdohnak ah Mindat-CDF lei in minung 27 nih ram le miphun ca ah nunnak an pek cang.Mindat peng chung ah SAC ralhrang minung 200 leng an thi, tiah July thlathawh ah Mindat mipi uknak bu nih thawngpang an rak chuah.

Nihin zinglei ah Mindat peng nithlanglei ah a ummi khuate pakhat i SAC palik sakhaan pakhat Mindat-CDF nih an lak, tiah kan theih.

Credit: The Chin Journal

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