Tu Zing Hakha Pulrai Minung Pa Ruk Sin Hmuhchap Le Thantlang Ah Pu Hrang Chum Nunnak Liam

Hakha ah COVID-19 Zawtnak a Ngeimi Minung 6 an i Chap.Nihin (July 9) ah Hakha, Carson Hall, City Hall le Nunu Hall ah minung 61 zawtnak an check hna i, minung 6 sin in COVID-19 zawtnak an hmuh.

Carson Hall ah checkmi minung 31 lak ah minung 4 le City Hall ah checkmi minung 29 lak ah minung 2 hna sin in COVID-19 zawtnak an hmuh hi a si. Zawtnak a ngeimi hna an umnak sang pawl cu: Pyidawtha ( tlangbo ) – 4 Dawrthar – 2 July 9 tiang ah Hakha ah COVID-19 zawtnak a ngeimi minung 100 fai hmuh an si cang.

Thantlang ah COVID-19 in Pu Hrang Chum a Nunnak a Liam.Nihin (July 9) zinglei sml. 10:30 hrawng ah Thanthlang khua ah Pu Hrang Chum cu COVID-19 zawtnak in a nunnak a liam.Pu Hrang Chum hi Chinland Flower Private School ah sayagyi a ttuanmi a si i, aluancia June 19 in nihin July 9 tiang Oxygen pek buin an thlopbulmi a si.

Thantlang ah COVID-19 in minung pahnih an nunnak a liam cang i, July 8 tiang ah zawtnak a ngeimi minung 67 an um, tiah kan theih.

Credit: The Chin Journal

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