Zo nih neh na zum, Kum 42 ih upa leilungtlunih Boxer tha leh ke rem mawi bik an ti mi Manny Pacquiao cu tukum August 21, ah Errol Spence Jr thawn an thawng aw ding a si, mi tampi nih an rel dan ah cun, Spence hi Welterweight ah cun amah hnak ih tha an um lo tiin an rel, Manny people believe Spence is the best welterweight in the world and one of the best pound fighters in the world.

Pacquiao hi July 2019, ah khan Keith Thurman thaw an thawng aw ih, cu mi cu a thawng netabik a si, kum hnih sung Ring sung ah a lut nawn lo, tu tum ih a thawng ding mi hi Spence kum 32 te lawng a si ih, tlangval cak lai leh a vanglai tak a thisen a lum lai tak a si.  tuin tiangah hin Spence records hi 27-0 a si mi zo vek khalin an hneh the hrih lo mi a siwelterweight champion lai a si.

Pacquiao hi kum lam I upa deuh a si thlang ruangah a sung pang ding ti hi phan a um zet thlang a ralai mi August 21, ah hin Pacquiao vs Spence cu USA Las Vegas boxing ring sung ah kan hmu ding a si, Manny Pacquiao hi kum  a upa thlangih a thawng lonak a rei thlang tik ah a sung thei mi a si ve ko.


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