Where is ZORO, Where is our brothers Zo Ethnic , Where is PDF, Where are the rest of CDF, How long will you just watch us, Till our little town turns into ashes, Please don’t leave us, Please don’t leave MINDAT, Please Save Mindat.

Vawiin 15.5.2021 tlai dar 3 pm atangin Military Council sipai te chuan kawngpuia mihring an hmuh apiang an kap a,in tina lut chhuak in kawngka an hawn tir a, hawng duh lo an awm pawhin an vaw chhe vek a ,mipa tawh phawt ram tang thei rualte chu an man khawm ta chiam mai.Civil Disobedience Movement thlawptu emaw thlawp lo pawh an thliar hrang chuang lo.

Motor kawngpui pangngai atanga rawn lut tur sipaite chu kawng lakah lambun in CDF ten dang thei mahse Helicopter in vawi enge maw zat Mindat khawchhunga sipai an in thliar lut tlut tlut a, hmun tinah sual sipai an kal darh ta a.Enthlakna drone camera a thlawk kual reng bawk.

Military Council Sipai te chu khawchhunga an rawn luh hma in Laipui in khaw pawn atangin an ralsai chiam bawk a,mihring chenna tamtak chu laipui mu in a deng fuh a ni.

No.274 Light Infantry Battalion/Division hnuaia sipaite chu khawchhungah lutin phe zuai an hmuh tawh phawt chu an kap thuai thuai a ni.

Nunau thlengin hliam an tuar a, n tanpui tawn thei leh damlo bawihsawm thei tumah an awm lo.


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